My latest collection, Beauty and the Beach,  contains a lot of drusy stones, so I thought  I'd talk a little about what a drusy is and why I love it so much.  Drusy is actually a very fine, sugar coating of crystals  that form within or on the surface of other stones. Drusy is most commonly found on quartz(agate or chalcedony ) but can also be found on chrysacolla , malachite, hematite ,pyrite, uvarovite,carnelian, psilomelane and cobalto-calcite. Sometimes, drusy is treated in a vapor chamber with other minerals, such as titanium or gold. Treating with titanium adds a permanent metal coating in shades of purple,blue, dark silver or white.  To me, the natural drusies are quite beautiful on their own, but enhancement definitely can up the glam factor. The crystals , themselves, add a lot of interest to these stone.s. They catch the light and add sparkle, particularly as the wearer moves.

A few untreated drusies in my collection. I love the interest that they will add to any piece.

Lori Gottliebdrusy