How a Signature Style Can Help Your Brand

You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? It’s been around for a long time because it’s as true now as it ever was. The way you dress shows your personality—it presents a certain image and brand. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear a black suit and white dress shirt to be taken seriously as a professional!

Take me for example. I strive to always look my best, but I also like to maintain a unique look that reflects my true identity. For this reason, I avoid shopping in the big-name stories and instead prefer to shop at small boutiques. I also love to find clothes that are asymmetrical and different—I’m not a fan of wearing what everyone else is wearing. I also add my jewelry to make a complimentary statement—and showcase my work. Then I top everything off with my signature red lipstick.

This look is completely my own and it reflects my personality, my business, and my brand.

Even when I was a surgeon, I made a point to dress a certain way.  I apparently appeared very young—Doogie Howser young—and at first, my experience and ability were questioned just based on my appearance. So I started to dress in a more sophisticated manor, but with a distinct edge—no jeans for me at that time.

The new style worked—my authority was no longer questioned whenever I saw patients in my office. And yes, statement jewelry was always a part of my look! I never even went to the ER on the weekends or at night without dressing up.

LoriMeg-astronoxsgchamdi (2).jpg

Whether you’re a lawyer, doctor, store owner, or entrepreneur, a signature style will show your personality and help create a brand. There are quite a few other business owners, leaders and gurus who also happen to have a distinct signature style when it comes to their appearance.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Jenna Soard - You Can Brand

Jenna uses Rent the Runway to make sure she looks fabulous every single day (which is a great site to use if you want to have amazing style on a budget!).  Her vintage-inspired outfits and big personality attracts a lot of great attention to her brand.  

Steve Jobs – Apple

When his attempt to make everyone in Apple wear a uniform failed, the late, great Steve Jobs decided to create a uniform look for himself instead. His iconic black turtlenecks and tee shirts are what made him one of the most recognizable CEOs in our history. 

Sonia Simone – Copyblogger

Sonia Simone refers to herself as the pink-haired marketer, and taking one look at her photos you can easily see where the name comes from. The pink hair is a bold statement in the business world, but it’s one that Sonia pulls off with her own grace.  

Marie Forleo

Whether she’s chatting with Oprah, Tony Robbins or Richard Branson, thought leader Marie Forleo always looks her best. Her style can best be described as professional, vibrant, one-of-a-kind, and fun.  

Are you in need of a brand style makeover? Stop by my booth (#319) at the Washington Fine Craft Show from October 23rd to the 25th of this year, and I can assist you with your finding a signature style that matches your unique brand. A great signature piece of jewelry could be the answer!



Lori Gottlieb