Jewelry in the Rough: Why I Use Materials with Texture

From the Astro Collection: Gorgeous Glitter Necklace

From the Astro Collection: Gorgeous Glitter Necklace

Like most of the inspiration for my designs, the reason I’m so drawn to using texture in my jewelry is because of nature. I find the patterns and designs on the bark of a tree, in a patch of grass or in the ripples of a lake absolutely fascinating to observe.

I apply the patterns I see in nature to my handcrafted jewelry because I love the complexity. Since every person has their own distinct and unique personality, the textured materials I use always seem to reflect the beauty of individual who buys them.

Specifically, I try to weave the following into each piece of jewelry I create:

Textured gemstones

In my opinion, a stone with a rough surface is much more appealing than the homogenized, clean-cut facets of gemstones or the smooth surface of most cabochons. That is not to say that the sparkle of faceted gemstones doesn’t have a place anywhere in my work—it does, but as accent to other more textured surfaces.

From the Astro Collection: Large astro ring with honey zircon

From the Astro Collection: Large astro ring with honey zircon

Take the Hemimorphite stone for example—the bubbled surface and smooth contours of this stone draw me right in. The unusual appearance immediately gets my mind going as I try to figure out how I can set this stone in a way that will accent its beauty.

Textured metals

With metals I take one of two approaches: I either layer the metals to create a textured surface, or I imprint, hammer, or scratch the surface to achieve the effect I’m looking for.

One of my favorite things to do is re-create the look of tree bark—it gives my jewelry a natural appeal.

A balance of the two

I don’t like to over texturize. It’s important to strike a balance between smooth surfaces and jagged edges—if I had a necklace that was covered with crazy patterns it would look overdone and unappealing.

Instead, I offset a layered look with something that will add contrast. This is my way of achieving simplicity and complexity in one piece.

From the Desert Rose Collection: Desert Rose Hinged bracelet

From the Desert Rose Collection: Desert Rose Hinged bracelet

If you’re looking for a textured necklace, set of earrings, bracelet or ring that will highlight your own individuality, check out either of these two popular collections:

Desert Rose Collection

Inspired by the intricate pattern of the desert rose mineral, this collection is one of my personal favorites.

Astro Collection

This collection was inspired by the shadows casted by trees—where the positive and negative spaces tell a vibrant story.  The pieces with stones in this collection feature rough natural surface astrophyllite, which has lots of interesting inclusions that create bladed, radiating satellite patterns.  No two pieces of this stone are the same, so you truly get a unique, one of a kind creation everytime.

Lori Gottlieb