4 Outfits to Wear for Your Thanksgiving Day Plans

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, and, if you’re like me, you’re probably trying to figure out what to wear. Even though it’s tempting to want to wear sweatpants (that elastic waist will come in handy during dinner!), there are plenty of ways to look stylish and polished for the holiday, while also feeling relaxed and comfortable.

No matter what your plans are for the big day, I pulled together four Thanksgiving Day outfits for you to try. Take a look!


While Thanksgiving is typically a time for dinner with the family, the tradition of “Friendsgiving” has increased in popularity lately. If you’re planning on having a dinner party with friends, this is a great time to get more playful with your outfit. Bright colors or fashion-forward looks are fun to flaunt around your best pals—just be sure to avoid anything too tight (this is certainly not the holiday for that!).


The outfit: Faux leather loose pants, a flowy tank, a black sweater or wrap, and cool heels

The recommended LoriMeg jewelry:

Dinner with the extended family

The traditional Thanksgiving setting is best paired with casual and comfortable attire. A big chunky sweater, paired with your favorite boots is perfect for hanging out with relatives for the evening. You’ll also want to accessorize this outfit with statement jewelry pieces to add some pop to the casual look.


The outfit: Cozy sweater, relaxed fit jeans, suede boots with fringe

The recommended LoriMeg jewelry:

Dining out

For those who don’t enjoy cooking the big dinner (and cleaning up the resulting mess), then heading out to a restaurant for some turkey and gravy is a necessity (or in the case of my family, salmon or tuna fish and veggies!) This is another setting where you can be a bit more stylish—you are going out to eat after all—but also relaxed and at ease.


The outfit: Long sweater or tunic, black tights or leggings, and knee high suede boots

The recommended LoriMeg jewelry:

Celebrating at the office

Many businesses provide a Thanksgiving themed lunch or pot luck for their employees. On the day when the festivities are scheduled, you’ll want to look professional, but avoid wearing anything too restricting. For this I recommend wearing a business casual dress, paired with a sweater and boots. This look goes great with jewelry that has a pop of bright colors as an accent.


The outfit: Navy or black dress, long knitted caramel-colored sweater, knee-high leather boots

The recommended LoriMeg jewelry:

When it comes to Thanksgiving outfits, you’ll want to opt for casual and comfy with a twist of style or elegance. Adding jewelry to any of the above outfits will take these looks to a whole new level.

Do you have a go-to Thanksgiving outfit? Share it below! 

Lori Gottlieb