What You’re Really Paying for When You Buy Handmade Jewelry

There’s a story I keep seeing pop up on Facebook. I don’t know where the story originates from or who wrote it, but I want to share it because I think it really explains the craftsperson’s plight.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

A woman wanted to purchase a beautiful handmade dress from a highly skilled crafter. The woman, however, thought the crafter was charging too much and told him so. When the crafter asked her how much she thought he should charge, she priced out all the dress materials—the fabric, thread, ribbons and even the scissors uses to cut the material. The woman gave the price of the materials to the crafter and told him to make the dress for that amount. A week later, the crafter sent the final product to the woman: a box that contained fabric, thread, ribbons, and scissors.

The moral of the story? There is a lot more that goes into a crafter’s product than just the materials.

This is something I run into as a handmade jewelry designer. It’s assumed that a piece of jewelry is only worth the materials, but this is simply not the case. There is a lot of time, energy, effort, knowledge, experience, creativity and a little something special that goes into every necklace, bracelet, set of earrings and ring that I make.

So, aside from the semi-precious gemstones and the precious metals in my jewelry, there are several qualities LoriMeg Designs offer that add to the overall value.  Some of the qualities my customers enjoy include: 

A unique look and style

Because I handcraft each piece of jewelry, my customers get a look that’s unlike anything reproduced by a machine in a factory. 

A piece of jewelry made with love

I absolutely love crafting new jewelry and believe the passion I have for my craft goes into everything I create. It’s remarkable how many times I see a customer put on a necklace or pair of earrings and watch as they instantly brighten right up. The energy I put into the piece is contagious in the best way!

Wearable art that goes with any outfit

Unlike a mass production piece, handcrafted jewelry is a piece of art. A lot of thought goes into the concept of my jewelry and once a solid idea or design takes hold, I work hard to turn raw materials into a beautiful design.

A direct connection with the artist

Like my designs but want something customized? You can reach out to me directly and I’ll work with you to bring your visions to life.

A high quality accessory that will last

I’ve been at my craft for years now. Not only does my expertise enable me to assemble a piece of jewelry so that it’s made to last, but I also know the importance of using high-quality materials that are beautiful and durable.

A chance to support local business

Every dollar spent on handmade jewelry is put back into your community. With production-made designs, the money spent is likely funding a factory overseas. 

Above all else, the number one thing you get when you buy a piece of LoriMeg jewelry is your personal connection with the piece. When you purchase something beautiful for yourself, the way it makes you feel—confident, sexy, pretty, bold, or happy—is priceless.


Lori Gottlieb