Inspired design

 What is your design process?

Pyrite in slate  wave collar.

Pyrite in slate  wave collar.

This is a question that I am asked frequently, so I thought I'd give you a little insight into how I work. My default answer is that I am inspired by nature - what I see on my bicycle rides, at the beach, in the rainforest, or wherever my travels take me. But that’s only part of the story. 

Jewelry You Can Wear All the Time

Currently, I am bringing more stones into my work. I am attracted to relatively neutral colored stones with rough or natural surfaces. The reason for this is, that while I love color, it is part of my mission to create jewelry that you will wear ALL the time, not just with one outfit or for one special occasion. 

Pieces that Go with Everything

There is no doubt, that buying jewelry is an investment, so I believe you get the most out of your investment if the pieces are used often and don't require you to work hard to figure out what to wear it with. It should take you from jeans to a night out without much effort. 

Stones that Speak to Me

That being said, when I am buying stones, they must "speak" to me. I do not design a piece and then purchase a stone for it...rather, I see a stone that literally dictates to me a design. All the better, if that design becomes the jumping off point for a whole new line of work or is an extension of a line I already have. 

Catching a Wave

Long Wave Lariat Necklace- this necklace is part of the Beauty and the Beach collection and can be worn multiple ways.

Long Wave Lariat Necklace- this necklace is part of the Beauty and the Beach collection and can be worn multiple ways.

For example, I have been doing a line of "wave " pieces. I found a piece of pyrite in slate that worked well as an extension of that line. See to the right for an example of the original lariat I did with that motif in the first image and the new collar I made incorporating the elliptical piece of stone in the second. In this case, the stone fit right in with what I was already designing. But often, it's the other way around. I design a necklace specifically for a stone that has spoken to me and then the handmade chain that I created takes on a life of it's own. I find that I often start with a big, bold design and then deconstruct it into smaller elements to make it accessible to more people. But in design, as in all things art, there are no absolutes or always in the way I work. I can also start with a small element hat becomes a repetitive element in larger pieces.



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