What to Wear with Your Jewelry for Fall

One of my favorite casual fall looks! 

One of my favorite casual fall looks! 

As the weather starts to change, so do our outfits. Sandals are slowly being replaced by boots, and tank tops are getting traded in for woolen coats and caps.

Despite the decreasing temperatures—and often because of them—fall is the perfect time for fashion.

My personal “cannot-live-without” items for fall dressing are:

  • Leggings (preferably by Lyssé—they have some strength to them and seem to include shapewear technology!)
  • Great boots—both tall and ankle-length
  • A short asymmetric fitted jacket

Inspired by my jewelry, I pulled together a few outfit options that would look perfect for any autumn event.

Try the following casual fall looks and the recommended LoriMeg Designs jewelry to give a touch of elegance to your everyday style.  

Jeans, a basic white t-shirt, leather jacket and boots

This is a classic fall look that never goes out of style. It’s carefree and versatile—and it also allows a lot of room to add whatever type of jewelry you’d like.

LoriMeg Designs jewelry to wear: I love what a nice chunky cuff or bracelet can do for this outfit.

While simplicity is the key to this outfit, I also like to pair the cuff with some earrings.

A few options to consider: 

Neutral-colored leggings, a knee-length dress, and a cozy sweater

You don’t have to stop wearing dresses or skirts once the weather gets cooler.

Instead, wear a pair of brown or black leggings with a short dress and nice warm sweater for a professional and elegant look.

LoriMeg Designs jewelry to wear: This look works best with a short necklace and/or a statement ring.

A few options to consider: 

Long skirt with boots and long sleeve t-shirt

This is another dressy, yet casual look that’s great for having dinner with friends or heading into the office.

It’s a breezy, comfortable and light, but will also keep you warm. 

LoriMeg Designs jewelry to wear: This outfit is all about accentuating length. You can keep the elongated look going with long-chain necklaces and dangly earrings.

Pair this outfit with:

When it comes to fall outfits, you can’t go wrong pairing your look with jewelry that has warm tones and elements—think garnet, amber, and gold. With my pieces I try to balance the warm shades with the cool, so you can wear them with any outfit no matter what time of year!

What are your favorite go-to looks for fall? Share them below! 

Lori Gottlieb