Why Drusy Quartz is the Perfect Stone for the Holidays

There’s something innately magical about the holiday season—the parties, the twinkling lights, and (if we’re lucky enough to live in a climate with snow) the first few snowflakes. It’s no wonder the hottest holiday outfits are outlined with glitter, sequins, or crystals!

While some holiday outfits are decked out from head to toe in sparkles, I appreciate a more understated look. This is one of the many reasons why I love to use drusy quartz in my handmade jewelry designs—especially for holiday fashion.

Drusy quartz has a velvety, glimmering appearance that is breath-taking when it catches the right light. Aside from its natural beauty, it’s also said this semi-precious stone promotes relaxation, creativity, and eases emotional stress—and who doesn’t need that from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day?

So, are you ready to add some drusy quartz to your holiday look? The following original LoriMeg Designs can help you get started:  

Concho drusy necklace

This silver, 22k bimetal concho drusy from Brazil, and honey zircon on a rolo chain is the perfect accent to any holiday outfit. Pair it with a little black dress and some leather boots, and you’re set for any type of occasion.  

White oval drusy necklace

This one-of-a-kind necklace looks like freshly fallen snow. The drusy here sparkles like crazy and looks great when paired with white.

Round Drusy Necklace with Black Diamond

This gray graphic drusy is reminiscent of sugar cookies or frost-covered windows. It’s another dazzling piece to wear—particularly with a soft angora sweater and dress slacks.

Ocean dream earrings

These ice-blue drusy earrings are not only great for the holidays, but winter in general. Even if you’re heading to the mall to pick up some gifts in a t-shirt and jeans, these earrings will top the look nicely.

Black teardrop drusy earrings with diamonds

There’s no lack of subtlety or sophistication with this classy piece of jewelry. These sparkly black drusy earrings are absolutely stunning when paired with the New Year’s Eve dress of your choice.

The other beautiful thing about natural drusy is that while it will make you stand out during the holidays—as each piece is a one-of-a-kind—you'll find that you can wear this stone all the time without being too glitzy or overdressed. 

While I do love the look of drusy quartz for holiday fashion, there are other metals and stones in the LoriMeg Designs jewelry that will add some sparkle to your look. Browse some of my best-selling collections and find the pieces of jewelry that works best for you! 

Lori Gottlieb