How to Wear Bigger Jewelry No Matter Your Size

Worried you’re going to make a fashion faux pas by wearing a big, attention-grabbing piece of jewelry? Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: the only fashion faux pas you can make with jewelry is by not wearing what makes you feel good. Just look at any runway—many of the bold fashion statements made break traditional style guidelines, but do you think the designer cares? Nope, not one bit. They are confident in what they produce and it makes them feel good creating something so interesting. Plus, those bold fashion statements often become must-have trends.

So, if you’re worried that you “can’t pull off” bigger jewelry, just keep the following tips in mind and go for it!  

Balance it out

When it comes to wearing larger jewelry, balance is essential. If you’re going to wear something like my Snowcap drusy teardrop necklace, then you might want to pair it with simple stud earrings or an elegant bracelet. Or, if you want to go big and pair a bold necklace with large, chunky bracelets and hard-to-miss rings and earrings, then go minimal on the outfit. Wearing all black or solid colors will help your large statement jewelry really pop.  

Make sure it sparks joy

I’ve worked a lot of craft shows and have witnessed many customers fall in love with a piece of jewelry at first site. There’s a type of magic that happens in that moment and it’s hard to miss. The right piece of jewelry can make a person light up and that looks good on everyone! 

Play to your strengths

I’m far from perfect, but over the years I’ve learned to master the art of camouflaging my imperfections. One key step to this is using large pieces to play up your strongest features. If you have lovely green eyes, then wearing bold earrings—like LoriMeg Designs Astro earrings with Chrome diopside—will draw attention to the area around your face. 

Have confidence

This is easily, the most important piece of advice I can give on how to wear bigger jewelry. Take my friend Sharon, for example. She was five feet tall, slim, and all around a physically smaller person in terms of stature—but when it came to personality, she was larger than life and lived every moment of her life that way. She would always pick out the biggest piece of jewelry from my collections and would wear each piece like it was made just for her. The size of jewelry—and Sharon—didn’t matter, what mattered was Sharon’s pure and genuine confidence.

So, remember, wearing jewelry isn’t about what’s right or wrong, but about feeling confident and wearing something that makes you feel good. If you need some extra guidance on what pieces might work best for you, let’s talk! I can help steer you in the right direction. 

Lori Gottlieb