3 Spring and Summer 2016 Fashion and Jewelry Trends

I always keep an eye on the latest fashion trends and love putting together new looks and outfits to go with my jewelry. Late last year, I discovered Polyvore and have been using it to pair outfits with LoriMeg designs, all of which I post on my Facebook page. I was even recently asked to give fashion advice for an article. 

Normally, I wouldn’t think of myself as a fashion expert, but it is something I love to play around with. With spring and summer rapidly approaching, I wanted to share some of the fashion and jewelry trends I’ve noticed.

Pantone Colors

This year two Pantone Colors were chosen to represent 2016: rose quartz and serenity. My favorite part about these two colors is that one is named after a semiprecious stone! While I can easily include both rose quartz and serenity-colored stones—like blue hemimorphite or light blue druzy quartz—in my jewelry, these colors also look wonderful as a simple, bold choice for shirts, blazers, pants or leggings. They even work well together, and pair nicely with any shade of gray.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:


This style seems to ebb in and out of fashion every few years. However, it seems to be picking up momentum again this season. In fact, it seems like style and fashion elements of the 70’s are coming back in a big way this year.

One faux pas I’ve noticed is pairing fringed jewelry or accessories with a fringe-heavy outfit. This is a definite fashion don’t. I recommend balancing the look with jewelry that’s solid instead.

If the fringe is leather, metal is a great way to offset and accent the look. Mixed metals of gold and silver can look fabulous with fringe that’s brown, black, beige or gray.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

Floral prints

Florals have been in for a while, but now they’re getting more abstract and bold. Look for unique prints with bright, vivid colors or patterns that areunique. I personally love the dress below because it takes the floral pattern and presents it in an interesting way—it almost looks like a softer cheetah print.

A nice floral dress or shirt will go well with the pieces from my Bark or Teardrop collections. In fact, any nature-inspired jewelry design will make this look pop. 

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

While these spring and summer fashion and jewelry trends are fun to wear, staying true to your own personal style is always more important. This is one of the (many) reasons I create custom jewelry. My customers have a unique personal style and I want to create the kind of handmade jewelry that reflects their personalities. If you’re thinking about creating your own look, contact me today!



Lori Gottlieb