4 Perfect Outfits to Wear During a Special Night Out

Planning a big night out? Whether you’re exploring somewhere new with friends or heading off to see a show, picking out the perfect outfit is one of the best parts of the night—at least, it is for me! But finding the right outfit to match the occasion can be a challenge.

Below are a few of the special night out styles I’ve recommended to my customers. These can be used as inspiration for whatever your plans happen to be.

What to wear to an art exhibit

There’s a misconception that art events require dressing in all black, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! You’ll want to go with a look that’s unique, a bit daring, vivid, and polished. Personally, I recommend a bright-colored patterned dress with a dramatic pair of earrings and a bracelet. Of course, I’d highlight the look with my signature red lipstick.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

·        Ocean dream earrings

·        Desert rose cuff

What to wear to the theater

Seeing a live show is always a treat. It doesn’t have to be a Broadway show either – any theatrical performance is worth getting dolled up for. For this type of occasion, select an elegant sheath dress with a jacket (I’m a big fan of leather), closed-toed heels, a delicate necklace and a pair of earrings.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

·        Blue drusy wave earring

·        Astro 2 lariat with white topaz, silver

What to wear for dinner and drinks

When going out for dinner and drinks, I always aim for an outfit that’s comfortable and sophisticated. Combining a soft-fabric sheath dress with open-toed sandals is the perfect base. From there I dress the look up with some flirty accessories.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

·        Long Small Curly bark Earrings BG

·        Astro collar with white topaz

What to wear while exploring a new place

Whether you’re strolling around downtown, wandering shops on the wharf or perusing the stalls of a night market, exploring exotic new places can be fun—and exhausting. For this scenario, I recommend an outfit that will help you go the distance. Dressing in layers is also a must—you never know if the night will have a chill or if you’ll get too warm from all that walking! And, of course, set the look off with a statement bag and bold, handmade jewelry.

Recommended LoriMeg designs to pair with this trend:

·        Ocean dream earrings

·        Androdite garnet ring 2

I encourage anyone who’s going out to use the night as an opportunity to look your best! But remember, we always look perfect so long as we’re remaining true to our personal style.

If you’re looking to have a unique piece of jewelry created for a special night out, let me know. I can create a custom piece that will complement your look. 

Lori Gottlieb