Why Black is the New (and Old) Black: The Color Psychology of Fashion, Part 1

Whether we intend them to or not, clothes and accessories reflect our personalities, moods, tastes, and desires. This is why I always place a great deal of importance on dressing up.

And while wearing high-quality fashion conveys a certain message so do the colors we choose to wear. In fact, there is a whole world of color psychology and it certainly applies to our personal style choices. That’s why https://www.lorimegdesigns.com/blog/2017/4/the-simple-complexity-of-white-the-color-psychology-of-fashion-part-2I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post series to the colors we use in our wardrobe and what they mean. Links to future posts will be added below once the post is published.

Part 1: Black | Part 2: White | Part 3: Orange | Part 4: Blue

Why Black is the New (and Old) Black

The color black is truly timeless. It is the ultimate neutral—the go-to color when we’re not sure what to wear. But what messages does this powerful color convey? Let’s take a look:

Sophisticated and elegant

There’s a reason why the little black dress is good for any occasion—this color simply oozes sophistication and elegance. Tie a little black dress together when some sleek and refined jewelry and you’ll look ready to meet the queen without breaking a sweat.

Power and authority

The original power color, black is one neutral you don’t want to mess with. Pair a black power suit with a pop of vibrancy—like a dazzling necklace or statement cuff—and your confidence levels are sure to go through the roof.

Mystery and intrigue

Black leaves nearly everything up to the imagination. A curve-hugging black t-shirt paired with ebony leggings and black leather boots can convey a sort of femme fatale look that’s endlessly intriguing—without giving too much away.


Ironically, wearing an all-black ensemble often screams “artistry,” which is most likely due to the fact that black is the embodiment of blank canvas. Think of the beatnik poets, rock stars, or photographers—they typically don all black with a few splashes of metal to sign off on their signature look.

LoriMeg Designs Must-Have Black Jewelry

I simply love designing with black metals and gemstones. This color is fabulous for creating some of the best all-around jewelry that compliments nearly every look.

Here are a few of my personal favorite LoriMeg Designs that go heavy on black:  

Androdite garnet necklace with black tourmaline

Black and gold cuff bracelets

My black tie necklace

Small black drusy and diamond stud earrings


Androdite garnet ring 1


If you’re looking for custom black jewelry, let me know. We can work to create a piece that will bring out your sophisticated, powerful, mysterious, and artistic sides.

Lori Gottlieb