The Simple Complexity of White: The Color Psychology of Fashion, Part 2

Whether we intend them to or not, clothes and accessories reflect our personalities, moods, tastes, and desires. This is why I always place a great deal of importance on dressing up.

And while wearing high-quality fashion conveys a certain message so do the colors we choose to wear. In fact, there is a whole world of color psychology and it certainly applies to our personal style choices. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog post series to the colors we use in our wardrobe and what they mean. Links to future posts will be added below once the post is published.

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The Simple Complexity of White

I love contrast—in fact, it’s one of the fundamental concepts behind my jewelry design. I’m fascinated with the process of using two conflicting ideas, looks, or styles, and combining them to create something truly beautiful and balanced. I often use imperfect designs in my handmade jewelry because I know these pieces can be used to bring balance to asymmetrical features or looks.

So it should come as no surprise that white is one of my favorite colors. This simple-looking neutral is actually a complex color. In fact, white is made up of an equal balance of every color in the spectrum—the entire rainbow creates a seemingly blank slate.

And while wearing this color makes for a bold statement, what exactly does wearing white convey? Here are a few of the meanings associated with this complex color:

Purity and innocence

The color white has been associated with purity and innocence since ancient Egyptian and ancient Roman times. Even during The Middle Ages and Renaissance, a white unicorn represented chastity and a white lamb symbolized sacrifice and purity. While some of the more outdated concepts about this color have since evolved, the overall sense that white conveys purity and innocence still lingers.

Wholeness and completion

As equal parts of every color in the rainbow, white represents completion. While wearing this color, you’ll emanate the pure white light of completion and that is a truly powerful feeling.

Cleanliness and perfection

We all know how bold it is to wear something white, which is why the color itself represents cleanliness and perfection. A cup of coffee or leaky pen could ruin this image quickly, but when you successfully pull off wearing a white outfit, the result is a paragon of flawlessness.

Neutrality and independence

This color is an island onto itself. You can wear white with any shade, hue, or tone—including its polar opposite, black—which makes it the ultimate neutral.

LoriMeg Designs Must-Have White Jewelry

In addition to playing with white-colored metals, I often find myself drawn to white drusy quartz. This stone is dazzling with subtle sparkles that make it look as soft and clean as snow.

Here are a few of my personal favorite LoriMeg Designs that feature white elements: 

Oreo Cookie Collar

White oval drusy necklace

Lori Gottlieb